Working River


​Empowering Leadership Journeys


What we believe

Leaders do things that non leaders don’t do.  At its most fundamental, leadership is about causing a change that adds value.  And to do that, a person must engage particular behaviors and choices. Leadership can be learned.  Though hardly easy, a person can choose and learn to lead.  We teach leadership.

Leadership and management are different. 
Ideally, a manager is also a leader.  But a person can lead without being a manager.  We teach leadership whether it manifests in people managers or in those that are seeking to develop their careers as individual contributors. 

Leadership happens from the inside out; so what we teach always includes self awareness - which is so basic to a leader’s success.  It is self awareness that helps the leader engage and influence others - but for whom, the leader would be unable to cause any significant change that adds value.  We teach leaders to be their own best asset, as well as an asset to others and their organizations.