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Solutions - executive & Career coaching

Individualized development attention, designed to laser focus on a particular set of challenges unique to the coachee best describes our coaching practice. The engagement customarily begins with an assessment to establish the start and finish line and capitalizes on social and action learning between coach and coachee.​

Frequently Requested Focus Areas for Development Coaching

  • Transitioning to leadership or a more senior leadership role.
    • Senior individual contributor/senior SME to first time manager
    • Manager of people to manager of managers or senior manager/director 

  • Promotion readiness. Onboarding to a new role.

  • Managing through large scale change initiatives. Managing through change-fatigue.

  • Leadership branding. Perception management.

  • Building gravitas. Executive presence.

  • Versatility. Influencing upward, beside and across behavioral styles or other diversities.

  • Influencing followership. Building emotional intelligence. Building engagement.

  • Resolving role confusion (e.g. A new people manager who still behaves like an individual contributor)

  • Correcting potential detailers * uncovered by feedback or an assessment tool.

* These are behaviors that will block or slow the coachee’s future opportunity or readiness.   Like an Achilles’ Heel, they are typical of a coachee who is otherwise high achieving with an area of development that does not pose an eminent risk  - but a potential risk as the coachee’s role continues to take on more complexity, scope and visibility.